As we step into the digital era, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become more evident than ever. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for top-notch SEO services to enhance their online visibility and drive organic traffic.

In this article, we will focus on the leading SEO companies in Canada for 2023, particularly those offering exceptional digital marketing services in Calgary.

List of 9 Expert & Trusted SEO Agencies in Canada

Explore the list of the best SEO agencies in Canada renowned for their outstanding track records in delivering exceptional results and propelling organic growth through their expertise in search engine optimization strategies.

Count on these SEO powerhouses to elevate your online visibility and unlock the full potential of your digital endeavors.

1. Sparked Digital

Best For Local SEO in Calgary

Based in Calgary, Sparked Digital integrates SEO and powerful content marketing to improve website visibility. Their proprietary process analyzes your market’s keywords and clients to optimize pages. This drives higher organic rankings.

Ongoing optimization paired with detailed performance reporting demonstrates the direct impact of their SEO campaigns. Sparked Digital’s expertise in technical and local SEO makes them Calgary’s top choice for driving local awareness and traffic.


Location: Toronto, Canada
Contact: +1 289-998-2144
Pricing: $100 – $149 / hr
Founded In: 2019
Services: Search Engine Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimization Services, Website Hosting, Maintenance & Support, Custom Website Services, Graphic & UX/UI Design Services, Copywriting Services, Digital Marketing Strategy

2. Out Origin

Most Versatile SEO Strategies

Out Origin, based in Ontario, is renowned for boundary-pushing SEO strategies tailored to each client’s business. Their comprehensive techniques generate increased organic traffic while maximizing conversion potential. 

By incorporating on-page optimization, technical audits, local SEO, targeted keywords, and strategic link building, Out Origin takes a rounded approach to rank improvement. Their relentless focus on analytics helps them to continuously refine strategies for optimal performance.


Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Contact: +1-844-832-1001
Pricing: $25 – $49 / hr
Founded In: 2014
Services: Website Development, Application Development, SEO Services, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, PPC Management Services

3. Clio Websites

Top Web Design & SEO Agency

Clio Websites, located in Calgary, is a leading digital agency blending customized web design and development with powerful SEO. Their team of web experts and SEO professionals create beautiful, high-converting websites.

Their SEO services incorporate extensive keyword research, optimized content, local SEO enhancement, technical improvements, and authority link building. This comprehensive approach delivers page-turning results that align seamlessly with brand identity.


Location: Calgary, AB
Contact: +1-403-690-8598
Pricing: $50 – $99 / hr
Founded In: 2007
Services: SEO, Web Design, WordPress Development, eCommerce Development, Website Maintenance

4. TheCodeWire Technologies

Premier Choice for Enterprise SEO

Based in Toronto, TheCodeWire Technologies leverages analytics and data to elevate enterprise brands. For complex global organizations, they tailor strategic SEO campaigns to each client’s specific objectives, industry, and competitors. 

Their technical audits, content optimization, and link building maximize website potential. With proven success across leading brands, TheCodeWire has the experience to manage enterprise SEO at any scale.


Location: Avenue Surrey, Canada
Contact: +1 778-387-5435
Pricing: $25 – $49 / hr
Founded In: 2021
Services: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization

5. Binary & Co

Top Digital Marketing & SEO Consultancy

Trusted by leading brands, Oakville’s Binary & Co delivers data-driven digital marketing and SEO strategy. Their expertise in both B2B and B2C allows them to optimize brand visibility and ROI through tailored strategies.

By combining technically precise SEO with engaging, targeted content, Binary & Co accomplishes key objectives. Their consultative approach provides customized solutions to promote online growth.


Location: Vancouver, Canada
Contact: +1-778-316 6369
Pricing:  $150 – $199 / hr
Founded In: 2019
Services: Pay Per Click, Digital Strategy, Ecommerce Marketing, Advertising, Other Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

6. Local SEO Search

Top SEO & Digital Marketing Agency 

Local SEO Search, based in Toronto, leverages strategic SEO to help businesses get found and selected online. Targeting customers browsing Google, they drive organic growth through integrated campaigns tailored to goals. 

From technical SEO to content creation and link building, Local SEO Search stays on top of constant Google updates to optimize performance for clients.


Location: Toronto, ON
Contact: +1-416-888 8756
Pricing: $50 – $99 / hr
Founded In: 2013
Services: SEO, Content Marketing, Web Design & Development, Content Optimization

7. Search Engine People

Premier Choice for Enterprise SEO

With over 20 years of experience, Toronto’s Search Engine People is a prominent enterprise-level SEO company. For complex organizations, they develop comprehensive, customized strategies aligned to business goals, target audiences and competitors.

Their approach combines technical SEO, content creation, link building and analytics. They also optimize for video, image and voice search. Search Engine People has the proven expertise to manage in-depth SEO campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands.


Location: Pickering, ON
Contact: 1-877-695-7388
pricing: $150 – $199 / hr
Founded In: 2001
Services: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing

8. NAV43

Top Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency

Toronto agency NAV43 delivers full-service digital marketing paired with award-winning web design/development prowess. Blending creative brand building with proven SEO strategies tailored to each client, they execute integrated multi-channel campaigns.

From extensive keyword research to technical enhancements and optimized content, NAV43 builds authority and rankings through evolving industry best practices. Their holistic approach enhances visibility and drives results.


Location: Toronto, ON 
Contact: 647-794-0043
Pricing: $200 – $300 / hr
Founded In: 2016
Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Conversion Rate Optimization

9. Let’s Get Optimized

Premier Localized SEO Across Canada

Let’s Get Optimized, a leading agency, specializes in generating leads/sales for local businesses through industry-leading localized SEO. They focus on improving local pack rankings to drive website traffic from nearby customers.

Their integrated SEO approach maximizes local visibility by optimizing pages and citations for localized keywords and user intent. For effective on-page and off-page local SEO, Let’s Get Optimized is the go-to expert.


Location: Toronto, Oshawa, Montreal, Halifax
Contact: 250-388-9422
Pricing: $100 – $149 / hr
Founded In: 2007
Services: SEO Services, Link Building & Local Citations, SEO Consulting, Keyword Research & Analysis, Content Development Services, SEO Audits


Partnering with one of these premier SEO companies in Canada is the best way to enhance your brand’s digital presence and performance. 

Consider their expertise, proven results and tailored strategies to accomplish your business goals through increased qualified website traffic, leads and sales.


1. Why do businesses need SEO services?

Businesses need SEO services to improve their online visibility and reach their target audience. SEO helps optimize websites to attract organic traffic, increase search engine rankings, and ultimately generate more leads and conversions.

2. How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?

SEO is a long-term strategy that requires patience as results can vary based on factors like website condition, competition, and industry. Typically, improvements in organic rankings, traffic, and conversions can be observed within a few months, but consistent and ongoing SEO efforts are necessary to achieve significant and lasting results.

3. Can SEO companies guarantee top rankings on search engines?

Reputable SEO companies cannot guarantee specific rankings on search engines due to the complex algorithms and factors involved. Search engine rankings are determined by search engines themselves, and companies that promise guaranteed top rankings often resort to unethical practices that can damage your website’s reputation.

4. Can I do SEO on my own without hiring an SEO company?

Implementing basic SEO practices on your own is feasible but can be time-consuming and complex. Hiring an experienced SEO company offers the advantage of their expertise, resources, and time-saving capabilities to achieve optimal results by effectively monitoring, updating, and adapting to changes in search engine algorithms.

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