Join us as we expand across the food service industry, one cheesy, heaping bowl of pierogies at a time.

Load Up
on the Possibilities for Delicious Success

Loaded Pierogi has been innovating traditional dishes by adding our delicious twist and offering the perfect combination of toppings! Our pierogies are plump clouds from heaven that merge the soft textures of potato and cheese filling with a crispy, doughy exterior that keeps every bite interesting. Customers are pierogi lovers and pierogi newbies alike, and they all keep coming back for more to see what bowls our chefs can cook up next!

The fast food industry is worth over $27 billion in Canada, and Loaded Pierogi is the only one of its kind! We offer pierogi bowls and unique dishes loaded with toppings to create unique, unforgettable tastes to wow. And now we want to teach you all the Piero-keys tosuccess!

Since we opened our first Loaded in 2014, we have gone on to expand into multiple territories in Canada, sharing our passion for pierogies with more communities coast-to-coast. Our simple operations, low inventory requirements, and multiple revenue sources benefit budding entrepreneurs like you by offering an opportunity dripping with the potential for growing, stable profitability.

Don’t see a Loaded in your area? Let’s fix that!



Loaded Pierogi has grown to multiple locations over the years, but it all started with one simple, yet delicious idea from our two founders.

It all started when two friends, who just happened to know a thing or two about cooking, went on a fishing trip and decided to get loaded. As they reached for food to satisfy their cravings, they started piling different, delicious foods into one big bowl of plump, potatoey pierogies. This was the making of the very first Loaded bowl.




Start Craving

You like what you see, taste, and smell. And we don’t blame you. When you want to know more about this delicious opportunity, fill out the contact form and we’ll reach out to learn more about you soon!

Give Us a Taste of What You’ve Got

We want to know more about YOU! After you fill out the Application Form, we will reach out with some questions to understand your business goals and assess whether you are a match for Loaded.

Experience Getting Loaded

After we connect, we will invite you to one of our locations to show you around the building. You can get more than just that first taste by learning some of the basics of what we do to Load up our guests on flavour and experience..

Load Up on the Details

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) answer any loaded questions you may still have about this unique opportunity.

Secure the Cash

Now’s the time to get your finances in order. Talk with your bank, secure any loans, and work through any necessary paperwork to secure any financing you may need to Get Loaded with us.

Make It Official

You’re ready to satisfy the craving for success! Now all that’s left to do is, sign the paperwork, and officially become the new owner of your own Loaded Pierogi.

Get Loaded On Our Support

Join us for a few weeks of training to learn the operations, recipes, and practices it takes to take your Loaded location on the path to delicious success.

Our Story

What do you get when you put two trained chefs in a cabin on a fishing trip?

You get Loaded Pierogi!

Once the Toronto location was a smashing success, we opened two more Loaded locations. Then we opened a few more. Today, we have multiple Loaded Pierogi locations in various Canadian territories, and we want you to help us open more!

With a low initial investment and franchise fee, this opportunity offers affordability and high potential ROI. Our simple and proven operations and minimal inventory requirements give budding entrepreneurs the potential for growing and stable profitability.

When you join our team, you can choose the business model that fits your vision and style. If you share a passion for sharing delicious, unique food, and you are driven to succeed and learn, you are the right candidate for us!

Is Loaded Pierogi

Right For YOU?

We are looking for pierogi-loving, passionate people like you to join our team and help a community near you GET LOADED!

    We know you love those pierogies, and that’s a good start. Our ideal franchisees have:
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Sales Background
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Time and Schedule Management Skills
  • Fun and Optimistic Attitude
  • Sound like you?
    Join our team and GET LOADED on opportunity!

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Are you ready to spread your passion for pierogies and delicious experiences across the nation? When you are ready to GET LOADED with us, fill out the form and our team will be in touch soon!

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